New Ferguson DJ MIx for Butter Side Up, Leeds, UK

We’ve acquired a bit of a journey through the ages with this next edition. The way this has been pieced together is a joy to listen to in itself, let alone the sheer quality of the music our next guest has compiled. It’s certainly not your typical bedroom mix; this one makes you feel like you’re THERE…immersed in the confines of a smokey basement. Without further adieu we’d like to introduce you to Detroit native, Ferrispark Records founder and all round sound guy… Scott Ferguson.

Scott has consistently been a part of the Detroit woodwork since the late nineties after hangin’ with some of the best in the business, namely KDJ, UR, Reggie Dokes and the like. His Ferrispark imprint has become a household name in the D as well as the world over after his debut release ‘Dump Days’ hit the stores, gaining serious props from the heavy hitters such as Theo Parrish, Marcellus Pittmann, Larry Heard and Moodymann. Since then the man has gone from strength to strength!

The mix itself is an absolutely beauty…you’ve got anything from super sexy 70s disco cuts to chunky acid riddims all the way through to Talking Heads and even a certain john Lennon’s son Julian. This is certainly something for one and all to warm your souls.

Keith Kemp DJ set@Nefarious booth during DEMF 2005

During the 2005 DEMF, I was asked to play at the Nefarious booth-Nefarious being the individuals behind our beloved I had decided that day to play an old-school Detroit/Chicago JAK set. I had dug deep in my crates for my daytime set, knowing that the Nefarious line-up was stacked with tons of local talent-most of which were my friends, and everyone turned in stellar mixes. I’ve never properly created a tracklist for this set, but if anyone would like it please don’t hesitate to email me:

Keith Kemp DJ set @Nefarious Booth during DEMF 2005 by Keith Kemp