Ferguson DJMix From the Alps [Part 2] by ferrispark

mixed by S. Ferguson @ home November 20, 2010 on 2x 1210 Technic TT, Vestax PMC25 Mixer, and 12″ vinyl records…

01. Move Your Body – Troy Brown – Blacksoul Records (1996)
02. Keep Pushin’ (Octave One Mix) – Members of the House – Happy Soul (1995)
03. I Like The Things You Do For Me – Norma Jean Bell – Balance (1996)
04. Pray (Mike Dunn’s Blackball Instrumental Mix) – Mina Jackson & The Children – Clone Club Series (2009)
05. Acid Tracks – Phuture – Trax Records (1987)
06. Columns – Omar S – FXHE (2010)
07. Obession – Malik Pittman – FXHE (2006)
08. Carpet People Don’t Drink Steak Soda – Theo Parrish – Sound Signature (1997)
09. Don’t You Want My Love (Long Mix) – Moodymann – Peacefrog (2000)
10. Music People – Moodymann – KDJ (1996)
11. Another Star – Stevie Wonder – Tamla (1976)
12. Serengeti Echoes – Theo Parrish – Sound Signature (2000)

new Keith Kemp DJ set for download

Kk djset@222HydeST Darkroom 11410 by Keith Kemp

Keith Kemp DJ set@ 222 Hyde St. SF CA 1/14/10.
This recording is from the ongoing series of parties presented by Staple/Killswitch, entitled Darkroom, with residents Tim Dcoy, Dave JV8 and Fil Latore.
Set is approximately 126minutes, 192k mp3.

Track list:
1. Paul du Lac-Bingo-Clone Records
2. Zepp001-Don’t Sleep (The Revenge Remix)-Delusions of Grandeur
3. Chez Damier & Ron Trent-Warfare (Chez Damier 10:39 Underground Mix)-Atal
4. Fabio Giannelli -And Beat (Hermannstadt Collective Remix)-District Raw
5. Elef.ant-Mudma-We Play Minimal
6. District One-Dubcrystal-100% Pure
7. The Bongo Man-Processed Drums-New Era Recordings
8. Edgar Jack/Laurent Charbon-Visible Borders-2600 Records
9. Vincenzo-The Hangover (Office Gossip remix)-Teardrop Music
10. Pagal, Mihai Popoviciu & Jay Bliss -Melange-All In Records
11. Lauhaus-Back To Ipanema-Cocoon Recordings
12. Soul Minority-A Soul THing (original mix)-PackUpAndDance
13. The Re-Vibe-Al Experience-E.E.I.O.U.-SoulFuric Trax
14. Gadi Mizrahi-Oh Love-Spectral Sound
15. Lucio Aquilina -I Got You-Hideout Sweden
16. Remy & Sven-Piano Power-Global Cuts

Keith Kemp-Planet E, Beretta Grey, Ferrispark

Keith Kemp DJ set@Nefarious booth during DEMF 2005

During the 2005 DEMF, I was asked to play at the Nefarious booth-Nefarious being the individuals behind our beloved I had decided that day to play an old-school Detroit/Chicago JAK set. I had dug deep in my crates for my daytime set, knowing that the Nefarious line-up was stacked with tons of local talent-most of which were my friends, and everyone turned in stellar mixes. I’ve never properly created a tracklist for this set, but if anyone would like it please don’t hesitate to email me:

Keith Kemp DJ set @Nefarious Booth during DEMF 2005 by Keith Kemp

New Ferguson DJ Set for ‘Mixtapes From the Alps’

mixed by S. Ferguson @ home October 18, 2009 on 2x 1210 Technic TT, Vestax PMC25 Mixer, & 12″ vinyl records…


01. Love Triumphant – Theo Parrish – Sound Signature (2009)
02. All These Things [Theo Parrish Dubstramental] Kuniyuki – Mule Musiq (2008)
03. Stranger’s Gate [Clues Mix] – Scott Ferguson – Ferrispark Records (2005)
04. Joy pt. 2 – Moodymann – KDJ (1997)
05. The Simple Things – Scott Ferguson – Kinda Soul Recordings (2008) double copies
06. Sticks & Stones – Scott Ferguson – Kinda Soul Recordings (2008)
07. I Can’t Go For That [Ben Liebrand Remix] – Hall & Oats – Arista (1990)
08. Living Without Your Love – Walter Jones – DFA (2009)
09. Lemon Drops [Original Well Mix] – Joel Zoch – Fair Park Recordings (1996)
10. Ricky’s Groove – Rick Wade – Laid (2009)
11. Move Your Body – Troy Brown – Blacksoul Records (1996)

new Keith Kemp dj set for download

Hey all,
Some of my good friends here in SF throw a Sunday night event where the theme is to play whatever you want, from IDM to Shoegaze, Britpop, Disco and everything in between.
I love to play these kinds of sets-usually I try to start out below 100bpm and cap it before 120-playing classic funk, 80’s weirdness, synth-pop, neu-disco..etc…luckily for me it was recorded and I am presenting it here for everyone to enjoy.

*HUGE DISCLAIMER*-the turntables they had at this bar were suspect in my opinion-one really felt like it was floating on me consistently throughout the night-so some of my mixes are VERY shakey-but I gave it a listen this morning and since I love the tracklist so much I wanted to put it out there-I’ll probably go back and redo the whole thing anyways, but for now you can download it from here:

Soundcloud link

Let me know what you think-tracklist could be available upon request when I open my Serato back up and review my playlist…

Keith Kemp